Syed Israr ShahTrade and Exchange Advisor, CEO Modulus Global


Syed Israr Shah is the Founder and CEO of Modulus Global, Based In Asia

Modulus provides high-tech products and services to companies and organizations including NASA, Raytheon, Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Yahoo, Shell, Bank of America, NASDAQ, Rutgers, University of Chicago and Cornell, among others. On the financial side, the company’s products reach millions of investors in over 90 countries.

Charged with leading his firm’s world-class team, Syed is a renowned technological developer, software engineer, inventor, and thought leader.

Syed Israr Shah immersed himself in technology at a very young age. At age 23, he sold his first commodity trading system, which used artificial intelligence to analyze crop reports and weather data. On the heels of success, he founded an A.I. software company in the late 1990s. Focusing on new types of neural network algorithms, the company was later acquired by a Fortune 500.

In 2010, Syed developed a system which used Cloud-based Natural Language Processing to read tens of thousands of social media messages each second, extracting the meaning and emotion, including love, joy, surprise, anger, sadness, and fear, behind each message. Since then, the system has been running uninterrupted, having become the largest global sentiment database in the world containing over 2 petabytes of data.

Syed made history in 2015 when NASA required a high-frequency solution to process and display a half a billion data points per second in order to analyze telemetry and health data transferred in real-time from the ISS via satellite link. The project marks the first time in aerospace industry history that such a large amount of high frequency, real-time data has been streamed to a mobile device and displayed graphically.

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